uppOut and the law firm António Frutuoso de Melo e Associados already reinvented themselves and created a new concept together. Together, they create a campaign that aims to motivate people in a time of a health crisis and remind them of the importance of keep moving ahead. It puts the focus on the need help and respect, regardless of what we are doing right now. Those who are staying home can make a big difference as well in helping building a better future for everyone.

It is also a reminder for every company, that even with all their teams at home, there is a real opportunity to create positive economic disruption and add value, especially by riding the digital wave.

António Frutuoso de Melo said: “This generation didn’t know anything like this – my generation has been through a war. Now, this crisis involved more than half a million of patients everywhere in the world, and thousands died. Nevertheless, we are still here, going strong. We cleaned our wounds and moved ahead. Each generation has its own nightmares. They confront them and conquer them. Then they throw the ball onto the next generation so that they can follow the path man started since he descended from the trees 3 millions years ago.’

Mario Costa, from uppOut added: “This crisis – if we can call it that – is going to mark a big turnover in the way we live and work. It will force us to truly migrate into a digital society, and make us reflect about our existence as human beings, enabling us to truly be present in the moment. Seeing a creative agency partnering with a law already a proof in itself that we can all reinvent ourselves.”

Both companies consider that, if we know how to surf this wave, it will be a tremendous opportunity  for everyone to understand that there is more beyond having and that the essence of man is in the being. The creativity that the digital world allows – especially in a world with apparent limits beyond ethics and common sense – is waiting for us.

This campaign also frames the latest project of uppOut “Host a Hero” http://hostahero.online/ , a solidarity platforms that matches health personnel with available accommodation options free of charge. The project started in Portugal, but it is already expanding to other countries. With this project UppOut wants to show that it is possible to be socially responsible through this health crisis, whilst also creating opportunities and keep the businesses alive.

The question that remain is whether you have a competitive advantage over those who decided to be passive and do nothing?

To find our more on what kind of opportunities can companies generate during this health crisis, please visit: https://uppout.com/corona.html