“I appreciate your applauses from your windows every day, but I have no home where to go to.


These were the words of a friend who is a doctor which left us without words. And in that case, we decided to take actions.

The project “Host a Hero” started in Portugal – www.acolheumheroi.pt  –  and after becoming a huge success we decided to replicate it worldwide to help everyone.

“Host a hero is an initiative led by uppOut, in the spirit of solidarity. The goal is to make available accommodation options where healthcare professionals can stay during this pandemic, since they are spending their days and nights taking care of all of us.”, said one the Host a Hero founders, Ricardo Paiágua.

The project “Host a Hero” started in Portugal – http://www.acolheumheroi.pt  –  and after becoming a huge success we decided to replicate it worldwide to help everyone.

The idea came up to Ricardo when a friend who is a doctor asked him if he had some spare space where he could sleep. Shortly after, it was clear to Ricardo that the world needed a platform to match these healthcare professionals with the several accommodation options that people have been making available since the beginning of the coronavirus health crisis. The offer already existed, but there was no platform to gather all the data and make the matches.

This platform wants to serve those to whom we have been showing our gratitude by applauding from our windows. Those who:

Are working every day to help fighting this pandemic.

Are putting others first while continuing to go to work every day because they cannot stay at home

Are directly exposed to a virus that has locked in millions, entire countries’ populations.

Are working incessantly so that we can all hug and kiss again – our kids, our parents, our grandparents, our friends.

Do not make a distinction between the victims and give their absolute best so that everyone can live.

Are not paid extra for all their superhuman efforts.

The healthcare personnel.

Our heroes.


The healthcare personnel, who due to the nature of their profession, expose themselves everyday to the virus, and therefore need an isolated place where they can rest, away from their families.

In this context, uppOut is calling everyone who has accommodation options available, preferably close to hospital facilities and who are willing to let these heroes make use of them for free, to go to www.acolheumheroi.pt and fill in the registration form.

uppOut will make the match between the options available and the healthcare personnel seeking accommodation, whilst respecting the privacy of all the data received. uppOut created the platform in only a few hours and they are managing all the processes themselves, including the matches, with a dedicated team working 24/7.


Ricardo Paiágua  said ‘This is a simple process that help immensely heroes who deserve more than an applause and who are giving their absolute best for all of us.’


I don’t have accommodation available but I want to help. What can I do?

  • Let us spread the word. It can make a big difference to let healthcare personnel or people with available accommodation aware of this initiative. Share it on your social media or with your list of contacts.
  • If you own a retail company, we are available to discuss opportunities to support with essential goods, like personal care and groceries hygiene for the accommodation offers available;
  • Donate bed linen, blankets, pyjamas, bath towels
  • Your words can also make a different –  send a motivation message, or just your suggestions or a thank you note to iamhere@hostahero.online


And remember: our heroes will not go by their names here. They are health personnel. They also do not just save a victim if they know their name. And that is why they are heroes.